The Sweetest Taboo

--- Kyrah and Lilly Ayers ---

It's a love story of two community activists who along their spiritual journeys turned into entrepreneurs. As owners of Oakland's first Black Owned Crystal botanica, they've paved the way for black love, community building and walking in your purpose.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Her Story

    In this episode of The Sweetest Taboo, Lilly shares her journey from being a victim of domestic violence to thriving as an amazing wife, mother and business owner. We'll discuss the spiritual practices that helped her discover her worth and power.  On March 15, 2020, Lilly will be hosting a benefit concert ...


  2. Happy Valentine's Day From The Ayers

    Thank you for joining us on another episode of The Sweetest Taboo. In this short, funny and romantic poem, Kyrah describes how he proposed to Lilly. For the full story, check out Episode 2 titled: "Getting Out Of Your Own Way To Find Lasting Love". We hope you enjoy and Happy ...


  3. Getting Out of Your Own Way To Find Lasting Love

    We're Back!!! For this episode of The Sweetest Taboo, Kyrah and Lilly discuss how they met and the hurdles they each had to overcome leading up to their crazy proposal story. As promised, here's the link to the best florist in Oakland, CA, City ...


  4. I Quit My Job - The Poem

    After quiting my day job of almost fifteen years, I launched into self-employment as my wife had done the prior year. This poem expresses the emotions I went through in the decision making process. To hear a more detailed account check out our ...


  5. I Quit My Job

    Welcome to The Sweetest Taboo! Kyrah and Lilly are a married couple who are parents, entrepreneurs and on a spiritual journey towards their best selves. They've been sharing each step for years now and this time is no different. Let's kick things off by describing how they quit their jobs ...